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Amazon Astro is a home robot designed for security monitoring, remote care, and smart assistance with Alexa integration.

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Date Added: June 10, 2024

Further Information

Amazon Astro is a multifunctional home robot developed to enhance home security, assist with remote care for loved ones, and provide a smart assistant experience. Equipped with autonomous navigation, AI learning, and interactive capabilities, Astro integrates with Alexa and Ring Protect Pro to offer comprehensive monitoring and interaction features. It's designed to move around the house, providing real-time video feeds and alerts, and can even be used in small businesses for security purposes.

Key Features

  • Autonomous navigation
  • AI learning for personalized interaction
  • Real-time home monitoring with Ring Protect Pro
  • Alexa integration for smart assistant capabilities
  • Remote care features with Alexa Together
  • Interactive personality for family engagement

Use Cases

  • Home security monitoring
  • Remote care for elderly relatives
  • Smart assistant for daily tasks
  • Small business security monitoring
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