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Custom AI Campaigns

Let's work together to enhance your AI tool's visibility, engagement, and conversions. You'll have the flexibility to set your budget, and we'll leverage a multi-channel strategy to enhance interactions and drive results.

Website Sponsorship

Boost your AI brand to the top of the homepage for 8 days! This sponsorship only applies to AI tools, platforms, and applications.

Estimated Clicks (per sponsorship): 1500 - 5000

Homepage Sponsorship

Your tool will be shown in the #1 spot on the first day, the #2 spot on the second day, and so on. It'll stay on the homepage for 8 days before infinite scroll starts.

Price: US$899

Newsletter Sponsorship

Sponsor the most practical AI newsletter for proactive professionals. Our newsletter offers sponsorship options for AI businesses of all types and sizes.

Estimated Clicks (per sponsorship): 750 - 1500

Custom Sponsorship

We can include custom placements like courses, agencies, prompts, GPTs, deals, studies, and more. Send us a message to collaborate.