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Unitree G1 Humanoid -"Ai Avatar" Logo

Unitree G1 Humanoid -"Ai Avatar"

Unitree G1 Humanoid -"Ai Avatar"

A consumer grade, full-size humanoid robot designed for versatile applications in various environments starting from $16,000

Date Added: May 13, 2024

from $16,000
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The Unitree G1 is a state-of-the-art humanoid robot designed to bring advanced AI capabilities into the consumer market.

With its extraordinary flexibility, featuring 23 to 43 joint motors, and large joint movement angles, the G1 can perform tasks with a level of dexterity and precision akin to human movements.

G1 leverages imitation and reinforcement learning technologies to continually enhance its performance, making it a continually evolving piece of technology.

The G1’s force control dexterous hand enables it to manipulate objects with high precision, utilizing a force-position hybrid control system.

The integrated UnifoLM (Unitree Robot Unified Large Model) facilitates collaborative intelligence creation, pushing the boundaries of what intelligent robotics can achieve.

Key Features

  • Robotics technology accelerated by AI for continuous upgrades.
  • UnifoLM (Unitree Robot Unified Large Model) for collaborative intelligence creation.
  • Imitation & reinforcement learning driven
  • Extra large joint movement angle space (23-43 joint motors)
  • Running speed ≥ 2m/s
  • Hollow joint wiring of the whole machine
  • Compact design weighs approx 35Kgs. Stand Height: 1270x450x200mm.
  • Force Control Dexterous Hand, Sensitive and reliable force-position hybrid control.
  • Capable of precise operation of objects.
  • Depth Camera + 3D LiDAR.
  • WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.
  • 8-core high-performance CPU.
  • 8-core high-performance CPU. Optional NVIDIA Jetson Orin module.

Use Cases

  • Home assistance and entertainment.
  • Utilizes dexterous hands for intricate assembly tasks.


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