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Wize is a tool that taps into the wealth of knowledge shared in popular podcasts.

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Date Added: August 4, 2023

Further Information

Shreyans has developed Wize, an innovative AI tool that utilizes the vast knowledge shared in popular podcasts to provide insightful and context-aware responses to user inquiries. Wize is built on advanced technologies such as the Milvus vector database, the DistilRoBERTa-v1 tokenizer from Hugging Face, the OpenAI API, and AWS. This amalgamation of powerful technologies enables Wize to extract valuable insights from thousands of interviews conducted with esteemed experts in the podcast world.

Key Features

  • 1. AI-Powered Knowledge Assistant: Utilizes AI to provide context-aware responses based on podcast interviews, making it easier for users to access valuable knowledge.
  • 2. Vast Podcast Interview Analysis: Analyzes thousands of interviews with experts, providing users with a comprehensive knowledge repository that acts as a virtual expert.
  • 3. Simple and User-Friendly Interface: Allows users to easily interact with the tool and submit questions, making it effortless to gain insights and expertise.
  • 4. Gradio Integration: Enhances the user experience by integrating with Gradio's intuitive interface-building platform, making it even easier for users to interact with the tool.
  • 5. Context-Aware Responses: Provides relevant and tailored answers to user questions, delivering well-informed responses based on collective wisdom from podcast interviews.

Use Cases

  • Media and Entertainment Industry:
  • Provide personalized recommendations to users based on their interests and preferences
  • Suggest relevant podcasts, movies, or TV shows based on their listening or viewing history
  • Education Industry:
  • Provide students with access to a vast repository of knowledge and insights from experts in various fields
  • Create a virtual assistant that can answer student queries related to their coursework, research, and career prospects
  • Healthcare Industry:
  • Provide patients with personalized health advice and recommendations
  • Provide information on symptoms, treatments, and preventive measures for various health conditions
  • Finance Industry:
  • Provide customers with personalized investment advice and recommendations
  • Provide insights on market trends, investment opportunities, and risk management strategies
  • E-commerce Industry:
  • Provide customers with personalized product recommendations based on their browsing and purchase history
  • Suggest products that are relevant to a customer's interests and preferences
  • Travel Industry:
  • Provide customers with personalized travel recommendations based on their preferences and budget
  • Suggest destinations, accommodations, and activities that are tailored to a customer's interests and travel history.
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