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Efficient patent drawing production.


Date Added: June 20, 2023

Further Information

The patent drawing generator developed by Westinghouse AI is a cutting-edge tool that employs generative AI technology to rapidly and effectively produce unique patent drawings.

Key Features

  • The Generative AI Technology automatically generates patent drawings using advanced AI technology.
  • Users can save time and resources by automating the drawing creation process.
  • The tool has unique features and functionality, setting it apart from other tools on the market.
  • Users can join a waitlist to gain access to the tool.
  • The tool demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation in patent drawing technology.

Use Cases

  • Enables inventors and organizations to create patent drawings for patent applications.
  • Automates the drawing creation step, enhancing efficiency in patenting processes.
  • Reduces the need for manual drawing or outsourcing to professional illustrators, resulting in time and resource savings.
  • Showcases the potential of generative AI technology in simplifying and accelerating the creation of patent drawings.
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