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Streamlining laboratory work and accelerating scientific insights with Synthace and ChatGPT integration.

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$ 75/mo

Date Added: June 8, 2023

Further Information

The integration of Synthace, a digital experimental platform, with ChatGPT is a significant breakthrough that is revolutionizing the way biological experiments and lab automation are approached. This prototype solution aims to boost scientists' productivity and speed up the research process. By seamlessly combining AI and experimental design, it provides novel opportunities for R&D.

Key Features

  • High Throughput Automation: Maximize the potential of your lab equipment to efficiently solve complex problems with high throughput DOE automation and data.
  • Dynamic Automation: Make changes to your experiments without coding and run multiple versions in a day for swift decision-making.
  • Context-Rich Experiment Data: Gather and structure experiment designs, data, and metadata in one platform for a holistic view and analysis of results.
  • Protocol Reproducibility: Ensure consistent execution of digital experiments across labs, machines, and teams.

Use Cases

  • Utilize AI and automation in experimental design to speed up R&D insights
  • Run multiple versions of experiments in a day to enhance lab productivity
  • Ensure experiment integrity and reproducibility across different lab conditions and teams
  • Synthace and ChatGPT integration promises a revolutionary impact on scientific research by unveiling the potential of a true AI scientist
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