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Discover your celebrity doppelganger with advanced facial recognition technology.

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Date Added: May 7, 2023

Further Information

StarByFace is an application that utilizes face recognition technology to assist users in identifying their celebrity look-alike or doppelganger.

Key Features

  • Advanced facial recognition technology used to find your celebrity lookalike
  • User privacy is ensured as uploaded photos are not stored and are deleted after recognition
  • Easy sharing options available, but saving and sharing is optional
  • App is for personal entertainment purposes only, not for commercial use

Use Cases

  • Discover your celebrity doppelganger using advanced facial recognition technology.
  • Have a fun and engaging experience while finding out which celebrities you resemble.
  • Share your celebrity matches with friends and family for entertainment and discussion.
  • StarByFace is a facial recognition app that prioritizes user privacy and provides an entertaining experience for personal, non-commercial use.
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