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GitLab Duo

GitLab Duo integrates AI into the GitLab DevSecOps platform to enhance efficiency across software development tasks.

Date Added: May 3, 2024

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Further Information

GitLab Duo is a suite of AI capabilities integrated into the GitLab DevSecOps platform. It aims to help teams across the entire software development environment become more efficient. With features accessible through the IDE extension and the GitLab UI, as well as GitLab Duo Chat, GitLab Duo provides assistance with tasks, planning refinement, security risk resolution, CI/CD pipeline health, and analytics charting. GitLab Duo is available to users with a Premium or Ultimate subscription.

Key Features

  • AI-assisted features to increase velocity and solve key pain points across the software development lifecycle.
  • Accessible through the IDE extension and the GitLab UI.
  • GitLab Duo Chat - a personal AI-powered assistant for boosting productivity.
  • Assistance with tasks
  • planning refinement
  • security risk resolution
  • CI/CD pipeline health
  • and analytics charting

Use Cases

  • Increasing development velocity.
  • Solving key pain points in the software development lifecycle.
  • Boosting productivity with AI-powered assistance.
  • Improving planning refinement
  • security risk resolution
  • and CI/CD pipeline health.
  • Analyzing and visualizing analytics data.


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