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An AI tutor for generating quizzes, mind maps, and flashcards

Date Added: May 3, 2024

Education Assistant

Further Information

Evelyn is an AI tutor that provides interactive learning experiences beyond traditional text-based interactions. It can generate quizzes, mind maps, and flashcards to engage students in their learning process. Evelyn aims to enhance the educational experience by offering personalized study materials tailored to each student's needs. With Evelyn, students can have an effective and enjoyable learning journey.

Key Features

  • Generation of quizzes
  • mind maps
  • and flashcards.
  • Interactive AI tutor.
  • Personalized study materials.
  • Engaging learning experience.

Use Cases

  • Interactive tutoring for students.
  • Customized study materials for individual learners.
  • Gamified learning with quizzes and flashcards.
  • Enhanced student engagement and retention.


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